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Ramsgate Sailors and Fishermen

When the Admiralty ordered in December 1914 that there was to be no fishing between Cromer and Portland Bill many of Thanet’s fishermen relocated to Lowestoft, Hull and Brixham in Devon. Even here they were not safe, as in February 1915 the Ramsgate smack Rhodora, which was one of those working out of Brixham, was lost off the French coast along with the Erena, whose skipper was Mr Andrews from Belmont Street, Ramsgate. Many Ramsgate men were already experienced sailors, not forgetting the smack boys who stayed in the Smack Boys Home on the sea front when they were in port. It is not surprising, therefore, that many of the men joined the Royal Navy or the Mercantile Marine. Continue reading Ramsgate Sailors and Fishermen