Live Bait Squadron

The following Thanet men were lost when their ships were torpedoed in the North Sea on September 22nd 1914. They are commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial

Assiter A Chief Yeoman of Signals                   HMS Aboukir
Blackburn L Leading Seaman                          HMS Hogue
Brenchley George Charles Able Seaman        HMS Aboukir
Brenchley J C Seaman                                      HMS Aboukir
Brown H J Seaman RNR                                  HMS Aboukir
Castle John Shipwright 1st Class                    HMS Cressy
Howes Albert Edward Petty Officer              HMS Aboukir
Morris Stoker J 1st Class                                 HMS Hogue
Wheat George Alfred Signalman                    HMS Cressy or HMS Aboukir
White F 1st Class Petty Officer                      HMS Cressy

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