War has descended upon our Empire

Thanet Advertiser Saturday 8th August 1914

War, dreadful and drastic – has descended upon our Empire, and in a trice, all private and party differences have been forgotten in the face of the national crisis with which we are confronted. Such an appalling prospect has never been before these islands since the days of the Crimea, and that is beyond the memory of most of the present generation.It is a far cry from the national to the parochial outlook, but health resorts such as Ramsgate, have inevitably felt the force of the blow in their most vulnerable spot. To all intents and purposes the season will probably be at least considerably curtailed; and the resultant outlook is not a bright one. In such circumstances it behoves all classes to remain calm and not to become panic stricken. The laying up of stores of provisions only re-acts on buyers in the shape of increased prices, and hits with terrible force at the poorer classes of the realm. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s text on Sunday last “bear ye one another’s burdens” appeals to us as peculiarly applicable to present circumstances. Many of Ramsgate’s residents – hardy veterans of the nation’s services, and the youth of the town who are associated with the Territorial Forces- leaving their families and their ordinary avocations behind them, are serving the colours of their King. There are those who must remain, and upon them will fall the duty of seeing that, so far as is humanly possible, disaster shall not come upon the dependents of such men. The manner in which the town has so far responded to its obligations – both as shewn at the Mayor’s meeting on Tuesday night and in the private offers which have been made of other necessary forms of help – goes far to prove that Ramsgate, as a town, will not fall short of its obvious duty.

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