What happened to it?

In the Thanet Advertiser and Echo of 13th July 1918 an article tells of the opportunity for townsfolk to visit the Ramsgate School of Art for a private view of the Roll of Honour, designed and made at the school out of oak by Mr G C Duxbury.

Above the names of two hundred and seventy men (up to that date) who died in the war was a circular picture of “St George standing high upon the shore, ridding the world of its scourge.” Mr Duxbury also had a sense of humour as if people looked carefully at the defeated dragon he was seen to be wearing a Pickelhaube, the spiked helmets worn by German officers. In the halo around the head of the town’s patron saint were the words of St George’s motto, “To defend the weak”.

At the base of the Roll of Honour was the town’s coat of arms and in gold letters the words “Greater love hath no man than this… that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Mister Duxbury was assisted in his work by two young female art students, Miss K Stephenson and Miss G Kemp who added the black and gold lettering, many of them names of people known to them. At the time the Roll of Honour read “The Great War 1914 – “. Luckily Mr Duxbury did not have to wait too long before he could finish it.

Does anyone know what happened to it? Does anyone remember Mr Duxbury?

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