Old Lawrentians

Cyril and Norman Siddeley

Three Old Lawrentians who survived the war were Cyril, Ernest and Norman Siddeley, sons of the motor car manufacturer John Siddeley, whose company Siddeley-Deasy produced ambulances and aircraft engines during WW1. Their parents paid for the choir stalls in the memorial chapel. The dedication reads:-

These stalls are presented by Mr and Mrs J D Siddeley as a thanksoffering for the preservation in the Great War (1914-1918) of their sons Cyril, Ernest and Norman, old boys of the Junior School and College.”

Cyril Davenport Siddeley, born in 1894, became 2nd Baron Kenilworth following his father’s death in 1953. He joined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in 1914 later becoming a captain in the Army Service Corps.

Hubert Stanford Broad MBE

Hubert was born in 1897 and educated at St Lawrence College in Ramsgate. In November 1915 aged 18, Hubert was awarded his Royal Aero Club Aviator’s Certificate then joined the Royal Naval Air Service at Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey. His first tour of duty was with No. 3 Squadron at Dunkirk flying Sopwith Pups. On 11th May 1917 Hubert was involved in a dogfight and was injured when a bullet entered his mouth. He managed to land near Bapaume and returned to England to recover from his injury spending time as an instructor at Chingford. He then went back to France flying Sopwith Camels with No. 46 Squadron. He then became an instructor at the Fighter Pilots Flying School at Fairlop.

In 1935 Hubert left De Havilland to fly for the Air Registration Board, then went to the Royal Aircraft Establishment. Later he joined Hawker Aircraft as their chief production test pilot at Langley. In 1944 he received an MBE for his work as a Hawker test pilot. Hubert died in 1975 aged 78 having spent more than 7,500 hours in the air!

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