Mother’s Pride

Encouraged by the local newspaper something of a local competition developed as to which family had the most men at the Front. In 1915 Mrs Todd of Princes Street in Ramsgate had a son and eleven grandsons on active service, while Mrs Goldfinch of Model Cottages in King Street had five sons in the army. Private Miller of the 9th Buffs was mentioned as one of the 14 members of his family who had enlisted, including 3 sons, 4 brothers-in-law, 4 cousins and 2 nephews all except two of whom came from Ramsgate!! Even Mrs Sebag-Montefiore up at East Cliff Lodge had five sons away fighting. Captain Robert did not come back.
In the autumn of 1915 red discs began to appear in the windows of many Ramsgate homes bearing the patriotic notice “A man from this house not at home – now serving in His Majesty’s Forces”. With the approval of the recruiting committee the cards were distributed by the workers of the Soldiers and Sailors’ Families Association among all those who had relatives serving King and Country. In two small streets in Ramsgate the Thanet Advertiser counted 69 of the cards which have been given a place of prominence in the front window. Mrs Harvey of Lord of the Manor Cottage held the individual record for the number of cards shown in one window, having taken seven discs in honour of her seven sons serving.
As the war progressed there were fewer men around and more funerals for the women to attend. They attended as many services as they could to support each other and blinds were lowered along the route of the funeral procession as a mark of respect for the family. Women dressed in dark clothes as the mood became more sombre and women continued to make many sacrifices on behalf of their families.

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