Our heroic fishermen

Thanet Advertiser September 4th 1915

A fine and justly deserved tribute to the heroism of our fishermen is paid by Lord Selborne in a White Paper recently issued on behalf of the Fisheries Board.
“There is one thing” he says”on which the nation may congratulate itself, one proud record we can hand down to our descendants, and that is the behaviour of all those connected with our fisheries in this great crisis of our race. In the whole epic of heroism which will grow up around this war, there will be nothing finer than the way in which our fishermen have behaved – whether carrying out their natural and lawful vocation or when serving in the Royal Navy and carrying out operations such as that of mine-sweeping, which promise no glory, but the maximum of danger.”

In Ramsgate we have particular reason to realise the services rendered by our fishermen and the justice of Lord Selborne’s tribute. Locally the industry has been practically paralysed but we have the one consolation of knowing that the men who manned the fishing fleet are doing their duty in every part of the globe. In spite of all the difficulties some of the trawlers are continuing their vocation in the fishing grounds to the westward. Many of the men have joined the Army and are now fighting for their country. Other have joined the Navy. A large number, too, are engaged on transport vessels, playing a modest but invaluable part in maintaining Britain’s supremacy of the sea.

Ramsgate has reason to be proud of its fishermen.

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