I haven’t got a feather bed

Thanet Times February 25th 1916

Sgt Wilkinson was formerly an employee of Mr Deveson the butcher in Grange Road. After Sgt Wilkinson died the paper published a poem he had written.

I haven’t got a feather bed
Nor yet a blooming pillow
My overcoat supports my head
My canteen lid’s my mirror

But be a sport and show your pluck
And help God strafe the Kaiser
And if you stop one – well that’s luck
And you’re not much the wiser.

Remember too it doesn’t hurt
You don’t get time to feel it
Supposing that it really did
Just look what’s there to heal it.

The finest hand of nursing girls
That ever drew God’s breath
With snow white frocks and golden hair
And then you talk of death.

Why blimey mate you should be proud
To die with these around you.
Come on, old sport, and join the crowd
And let the doctor sound you.

Its men we want, not girls in plush,
Like some of your poor blighters.
So you should read this and don’t blush
But go and join the fighters.

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