Awake! Awake! You men and boys, who boast of British blood,
Come forward now, come quickly, to stay the dreadful thud,
For England must and will gain victory great and sure,
But it’s men with grit and courage that are wanted more and more.
‘Tis not a time for trifling, ‘tis not a time for thought
Of home, of friends, of luxury, ‘tis not a time for sport,
For the honour of our Country and our safety is at stake,
So it’s courage, lads, all courage now, Awake! Awake! Awake!
Your King and Country need you, that is the call today
So boldly give your services and to the good God pray
That He will watch and keep you from danger to the end,
You do your best, he’ll do the rest and victory He’ll send

Ida Warwick

Published in the Isle of Thanet Gazette 5th December 1914

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